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[voice post]

[Pan and Lyra are arguing with the recorder on. As usual.]

Pan, Pan, wake up! That other girl, somebody killed her, Pan! - What? - Yeah, she's dead, we gotta find out what happened. - Should we be going outside? When there's some murderer? I don't think - Pan - No, we're not going outside, it's not smart at all - Pan - and Rolo would be mad at us - Fine. But.

[And now, directed to the communicator.]

What's going on? This en't right, who's killing people? There's monsters here, shouldn't they be the one murdering people? Tell us - please - come on, we don't get this! It's - it's. I don't like this.


[voice post]

This is weird, Pan. 
You're weird.
Stop sulking. Just - how do you work this - okay

Um, hullo. Pan and I found a place to live. But...we don't get - I mean. Look, could somebody tell us what this place is, maybe, please? I don't get it. We're all from different worlds and - look, just somebody tell us why we're here or - we've got things to do, important things, and - You sound - Shut up, Pan - 

But 'cause people don't have daemons here - well, you probably all have daemons, 'cause if you didn't, you'd be all like a Zombie, but they must be inside of you or something - and people were wondering, the animal I got with me - he's Pantalaimon. Hello. We're one person really, he en't an animal, and you don't ever touch him. It's rude, see. Only really bad people do it and they're sick. It's wrong. So don't do it, please.

And -  what else? But yes, just if someone knows something, you should tell us, because we don't know nothing.

& one.

[video post. there's two voices - one, a harsh little girl's and two, a quieter, young boy voice. there's the faintest of recordings - too quiet to make out, but sounding as if the two are arguing. after some time, one becomes louder as it's directed to the communicator. they're someplace dark, neither of them are visible] 

Hullo? Hullo? 

Is anyone there -- see, Pan, I told you it was a stupid idea. You know as much as I do and you're bossing me around and you gotta stop so we can figure out what we're gonna -- I'm not bossing you! - You are, and you shouldn't, and stop 'cause I think I just saw something 'round the corner, shh - being quiet isn't going to help us if - hush, Pan! [in a whisper] Did it see us? No, see, it's going away and -- what are you doing? Hello? If there's somebody here who can hear us, please help! We're behind a warehouse, I think, and -

Stop acting mad, Pan, we gotta - [end]


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